Uncovering the insights

Research & Strategy

Over the past 7 years, I have had the privilege of collaborating with some of the most renowned brands in New Zealand as a design researcher and strategist. Through my expertise and insights, I have been able to deliver exceptional results


Digital Boost
Client: MindLab
(now AcademyEX)
Tourism New Zealand
Ministry of Business and Innovation
Project Timeline: 2022
My Role: Research, Copywriting
My role was to work along side MBIE to identify 40 relevant topics, where digital tools could be used to up-skill the New Zealand Tourism Industry. I was tasked with researching and writing 40 different research briefs that were then turned into short educational clips that are now available on the Digital Boost platform.


Future Proofing New Zealand Libraries
Client: Synapsys
Department of Internal Affairs
Project Timeline: 2021
My Role: Strategy, Research
This project involved researching 100's of courses and programmes that could help future proof New Zealand Libraries. I conducted research into topics such as Te Ao Maori, Engaging Communities Maturanga Maori etc. Findings were then used to populate the Learning Management Platform that the New Zealand Library Partnership Programme created. The aim of this project was to future proof New Zealand libraries and customise different programmes to relevant communities.


In Tourism
Client: Grow Tourism
Project timeline: 2022 -2023
My Role: Design, Research, Copywriting
My role was to create the sustainability module for Grow Tourism aswell as new brand guidelines. This module was split into four core parts Economic sustainability, Community Sustainability, Environmental Sustainability and Visitor Sustainability. Different case studies, learning tasks and activities were integrated to create a comprehensive module.

Food / B2B

Client: Fonterra
Project timeline: 2021
My Role: Strategy, Research
My role was to conduct extensive research into a key aspect of Fonterra’s B2B offering. This research was conducted over 6 months with key findings presented to Fonterra and key stakeholders at the end of the project.